Invoice Factoring and Commercial Capital Programs

Invoice Factoring is a powerful financing solution if you have credit worthy customers, want to offer open terms so you can grow, and are tired of waiting to get paid.  We have helped our clients achieve an SBA Entrepreneur of the Year designation, another receive a Profitable Connections Award, and others receive various community and area recognition for their growth and expansion

Ernie Brown

Ernie Brown

Our alternative financing solutions proved to be the keys to success … not just survival … of these clients and we are proud of it! Face it: Many businesses in today’s environment cannot borrow from banks but these processes are all proven and reliable ways to capitalize a business without creating debt.

When you select a source for invoice factoring make sure that you know the end cost of using these services and don’t be fooled by low front end pricing offers that are only used as bait. Our reputation with our clients has been established on our explaining the process and empowering them with the knowledge to control their accounts and thereby keep their costs down.

Factoring Broker and Funder Ernie Brown

If lower costs and reliable availability of working capital are what you want contact us or if you have spoken with other factors and need something explained we’re happy to do so.


  • Per diem rates as well as structured agreements. Each program customized to your cash flow needs.
  • High advances, customer credit insurance and open ended agreements.
  • Selective programs where you choose what you want to factor, when you want to factor, and how much.
  • A validity agreement not to defraud us vs. a personal guarantee.
  • The ability to provide personal service and not just the decrees of a contract.


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F. Vacarro, President, Diamond Staffing

Before we started working with you, Ernie, we had three offices that could not grow because we could not access working capital anywhere! A year ago we were at $80,000 month and have since added three offices, acquired three other businesses, and focus on growing while you keep delivering the money…Your knowledge and resources, Ernie, are the keys to our growth. With the working capital you helped us access our sales are growing past $1 million a month. We also have offices in six states on the East Coast. Ernie, we could not have done it without you.

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